The Afghan Orphan Project


Goodwill donates to Afghani orphans

Granite School District's Goodwill Association recently donated $100 to the Afghan Orphan Project.

Values — Vision — Mission Statement

  • Compassion
  • Education
  • Community Building
  • Creating Independence
  • Accountability


It is our vision that every child has access to a place to call home and an education to improve their potential. Every father and mother needs to have access to a safe haven and the ability to provide for their children. Beyond being a safe haven, these homes are the basis for providing other resources necessary for families to improve their lives. When the lives of families improve, Afghanistan will improve.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Afghan Orphan Project is to bring hope and opportunity to Afghan children and families. To accomplish this we ask all who have means to assist TAOProject. Through education and job skills these families will be able to contribute to their communities. We believe that increased opportunities for education will develop their self worth and capabilities. This in turn will forever change their village, community and country. TAOProject will provide local adult sponsored homes for orphans, other less advantaged children, and provide education and jobs skills training for families in need.